Celina, TX Acreage Homes

Located in beautiful Collin County, Texas, you’ll find the tiny rural town of Celina, with a population of fewer than 2,000 residents. Celina is located between downtown Dallas and the Oklahoma border. State Highway 289 runs north and south through the town, providing convenient access to nearby cities. Although the town is primarily an agricultural farming spot, Celina is home to many residents who commute to the Dallas-Fort Worth area for work. The city was established fairly recently, in 1986.

Celina , TX acreage homes are becoming increasingly popular because of the rich farm and ranch land available. The terrain of Celina ranges from sprawling open fields to gently rolling hills, and the air temperature of Celina is typically 4 to 6 degrees cooler than in Dallas, 30 miles to the south.

The town’s economy is undergoing major growth. With several new stores and restaurants emerging in the area, much of Celina’s country land has tripled in value. Along with Celina, TX acreage homes, you’ll also find new moderately priced and upscale homes within the Celina area.

Students in Celina and neighboring communities are served by the Celina Independent School District, comprised of three communities: Celina, Alla, and Weston. The District participates in many cooperative educational programs, directed through the Region 10 Educational Service Center. The district’s goal is to provide the best available programs for students and staff in the most cost effective manner.

In 1996, the town of Celina was given bonds to fund a new high school and an addition to the elementary school. In 2001, more bonds were granted for a new elementary school, additions to the high school, new vocational facilities, and track renovations. Most recently, in 2003, a brand new state-of-the-art elementary school was built in Celina. All of this is designed to better serve the Collin County and Celina Community.

With beautiful terrain, an excellent school system and a growing economy, Celina, TX acreage homes are rising in value. Contact real estate professionals Cheryl and Dutch Wiemeyer at (940)365-4687 for more information about Celina acreage homes for sale.

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