Buyers Agents

One very important aspect of using a real estate agent in Texas when buying a property is to make sure you understand early in the transaction who they represent.  Although this can be done by asking a simple question, it should be confirmed in writing by the broker/agent who is showing you property.  In Texas, the broker or agent can represent the owner, act as an intermediary, or represent you as the buyer.

The properties shown in the “View Our Listings” section of Texasliving.comTM are listed by Dutch and Cheryl, meaning they have entered into a binding agreement indicating they have a fiduciary responsibility to represent that property owner’s interest in the selling process.  Dutch and Cheryl realize that most people buying a property will want to work with an agent who can provide the same type of representation specifically for them as a property buyer.  Therefore, Dutch and Cheryl have formed an alliance with a select group of agents who only represent property buyers.  These agents are also associates with Keller Williams Realty and can show and represent you when buying one of Dutch and Cheryl’s listings, as well as any other property that is for sale through the North Texas MLS system.

To learn more about representation in Texas, you can visit in the Buying A Property section of Texasliving.comTM.