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10 Top Wedding Venues in Dallas and Fort Worth


Are you planning a wedding in Dallas-Fort Worth? This bustling metroplex is home to millions of couples that have tied the knot at its most enchanting destinations. Whether you’re aiming to get married in Dallas, Fort Worth or you’re open to either one, it’s time to explore your options and pick out the perfect venue.

The start to your marriage is the most important time of your life, so make sure you take the right steps toward bringing your dream wedding day to life. Here are the 10 top wedding venues in Dallas and Fort Worth to help you find the best fit for your special day.

The Best Wedding Venues in Dallas

The city of Dallas is home to venues for both indoor and outdoor weddings that accommodate all price ranges. If you’re hoping to create a day your friends and family will never forget, peruse this assortment of locations to take the next step toward booking a place. Here are five of the best wedding venues in Dallas, so you can start your search for the perfect spot.

  1. Jupiter Gardens Event Center – The Jupiter Gardens Event Center is an indoor and outdoor wedding venue with a luxurious banquet hall and all of the reception essentials you need for a stunning yet affordable reception.
  2. Texas Discovery Gardens – The Texas Discovery Gardens is a local garden in the historic Fair Park with the potential to hold glorious outdoor weddings amidst the state’s most beautiful plants for an enchanting reception surrounded by nature.
  3.  Nuvo Room – The Nuvo Room, which is one of the 10 top wedding venues in Dallas and Fort Worth, is a modern wedding venue near the Galleria Mall in North Dallas. It has an urban aesthetic that mimics the look of a loft, so you can have a unique reception in the big city.
  4. 2616 Commerce Event Center – This spot is an indoor and outdoor wedding venue in downtown Dallas with a stunning view of the city’s skyline for a mesmerizing reception among the glowing city lights.
  5. Nakayshions Wedding and Event Center – The Nakayshions Wedding and Event Center is one tasteful location with four wedding venues to choose from in Dallas for an excellent reception in an environment ripe with southern hospitality.

The Best Wedding Venues in Fort Worth

The city of Fort Worth caters to weddings inside and outside with venues that cooperate with budgets of all sizes. If you’re looking forward to creating special memories with your spouse, browse this collection of destinations to make the next move toward reserving a place. Here are five of the best wedding venues in Fort Worth, so you can continue your pursuit of the ideal site.

  1. White Chapel Estate and Gardens – The White Chapel Estate and Gardens is a simple yet elegant venue with five acres of beautiful Texas land and a cute chapel for a countryside reception in the midst of the area’s urban environment.
  2.  Palace Arts Center – The Palace Arts Center is a venue in downtown Grapevine that hosts both the Palace Theatre and the Lancaster Theatre for a tasteful reception with a Mediterranean touch.
  3.  A&M Gardens – A&M Gardens is a stunning venue on the outskirts of Fort Worth. It features ravishing green gardens throughout the year and one event per day for a majestic outdoor reception.
  4. Wildwood Inn – The Wildwood Inn is a venue at the Walters Wedding Estates in Denton, and has a breathtaking outdoor area for a formal, Texas-style reception.
  5. The Chapel in The Woods – The Chapel in The Woods is a quaint venue in Glen Rose with a small chapel nestled in a grove of trees, so you can have a small reception with an old fashioned touch.

Finding the Best Wedding Venue in Dallas-Forth Worth

Whether you’re looking to have a wedding in Dallas or Fort Worth, these dynamic venues are great ways to start the wedding planning process and let your creativity run wild. The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex offers engaged locals a variety of suitable locations, which makes it easy to find a place that suits your tastes as a couple. This life milestone is one you’ll never forget, so be sure you choose the right place for you and make your every dream come true.

If you’re hoping to hold your wedding at one of these 10 top wedding venues in Dallas and Fort Worth, please feel free to reach out to us for additional information about planning joyful celebrations in the heart of Texas. The team here at Texas Living looks forward to hearing from you.