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6 Best Guided Vehicle Tours in DFW

Summertime in Texas means all day every day is spent outside in the Texas heat. When you are planning your weekend activities or a trip to Dallas-Fort Worth, consider going on a tour. No, not a tour of Cowboys Stadium or the Stockyards or the plenty of landmarks around the metroplex – go on a tour that leaves the guiding to someone else.

Despite the lack of beaches and mountains, DFW experiences plenty of tourists every single day. According to the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau, an average of 44 million people come to Dallas every single year, and approximately 6.5 million visit Fort Worth.

To really view the region in a different and fun way, try one or all of these six guided tours in DFW. You can travel along Fort Worth’s stretch of the Trinity River on Segways, jump in a pickup truck and pretend to be Bonnie and Clyde, travel back in time and ride a trolley that traces JFK’s motorcade route on that fateful assassination day, or learn all about Fort Worth’s history – the choice is yours.

  1. JFK Trolley Tour
  2. One of the most famous events to ever happen in Dallas was JFK’s assassination in Dealey Plaza. The one hour JFK Trolley Tour takes you the exact route the president traveled on that fateful day along with other spots that played key roles on November 22, 1963. This tour is a mixture of narration and historical audio clips.

    Your tour guide Mike Mackey makes for an extremely compelling tour. The tour starts outside the Sixth Floor Museum and travels the route the presidential motorcade took through Downtown Dallas and then follows in the footsteps of Lee Harvey Oswald after he ran from the School Book Depository to the rooming house in Oakcliff, the J.D. Tippit murder scene, the Texas Theatre where police officers descended upon Oswald and to the former Dallas Police headquarters where Jack Ruby fatally shot Oswald on live TV.

  3. Forth Worth Tours
  4. This tour offers a crash course in the history of Fort Worth. You’ll learn all about the big names like Quanah Parker, John Peter Smith and Amon Carter and where they hung out, lived and are buried. You’ll also learn about the many nicknames of the city like Cowtown, Panther City and Queen City of the Prairie. This compact tour goes to the Fort Worth Stockyards all the way to Thistle Hill on Pennsylvania Avenue. Your tour guide will be Dawson Granade, a lifelong Fort Worth resident.

  5. Cowtown Cycle Tours
  6. Ready to roll? Hop on the giant yellow-trimmed bicycle that fits more than a dozen people and start pedaling. The Cowtown Cycle Party has become a staple of downtown Fort Worth. Be ready to work on this tour – there are five pedaling seats and one non-pedaling seat on each side with a three-person bench on the back and one bartender who serves drinks in the middle open area of the cycle. If you are on a pedaling seat, you better be pedaling to keep things moving through the tour.

  7. Bonnie and Clyde Tour
  8. The famous Bonnie & Clyde is one of the most famous and infamous couples in Dallas. They left a historical mark on the city and are the foundation of some of the most ruthless crimes in history. The tour begins in Dealey Plaza and visits several spots in Downtown Dallas where Bonnie was a waitress, where her grade school was, where the Barrow family’s gas station is, Clyde’s grave, Bonnie’s grave and the marker in Southlake where Clyde and his friend Henry Methvin killed two police officers.

  9. Cowtown Segway Tours
  10. The Trinity Trails Segway tour offers visitors and locals a way to see Trinity Park or Tarrant County College from a segway. The Trinity Trails Tour travels along the river by Panther Island Pavilion and through Downtown Fort Worth. The ride is about 90 minutes and offers occasional stops and historical information.

  11. Dallas by Chocolate
  12. Dallas by Chocolate offers locals and tourists a way to tour the city while stopping at some of the most delectable places in the area to indulge in chocolate. Enjoy wine and chocolate while traveling through the streets of Dallas. Hop on the tour bus and get ready for a day full of sweet treats.

    Ready to join in the fun? Take one of these guided tours while visiting DFW in search of your dream home. Click here for our contact information.