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Aubrey TX Ranch Land

A small town close to the big city, most people find Aubrey, Texas a very ideal place in which to live. Horse ranchers choose Aubrey, TX ranch land due to the town’s moderate climate and scenic surroundings. No one can beat the charm of a small town and with its proximity to the city you are never far from the action.

Known as the “horse capital” of Texas, Aubrey TX Horse Property possesses the most ideal conditions for horse breeding. The quality of soil is a very important consideration when setting up your horse ranch. Sandy loam soil is recommended and is what you will find in abundance in this small town. Add to that the relatively mild winters and cool summers of Aubrey and you have the perfect conditions set up for a horse ranch of your own.

There are several farms and ranches in the area that breed and train horses, so when you move to Aubrey, you know you’re never far from neighbors who share the same interests. The communities of Spring Mountain Ranch, Petty Area, and Mountain View Ranch are just some of the places that welcome horses. It’s also in Aubrey that you can find Hogany Tops Farm that trains horses and holds riding lessons.
Aside from horse farms, the people of Aubrey also have cotton plantations. Formerly the primary crop, cotton was replaced by peanuts in the 1980s. 3,000 tons is the annual average of peanuts produced and picked here.

From a population of 948 in 1980, Aubrey now is home to approximately 2,800 residents. Aubrey locals enjoy a myriad of recreational activities that make the town a popular vacation place. Dallas locals looking for a reprieve from the constant hustle and bustle of the city find Aubrey an ideal weekend getaway. Visitors and locals alike can enjoy a day of fishing, boating, hiking, camping, or even a round of golf.

Aubrey may be a small town, but its close-knit community will make you feel immediately at home. If you want to have the best neighbors who share your interest in horses, Aubrey, TX ranch land is probably the best investment for you.