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Horse Properties for Sale in Dallas, TX

If you’re in the market for a horse property near Dallas-Fort Worth, focus your attention on rural areas north of The Metroplex. The North Texas horse region, which is situated about 35 miles from Dallas, is known as Horse Country USA. Home to over 30,000 horses, every buyer will discover a place that suits his or her needs in this equestrian-oriented locale.

You’ll find farm, ranch and horse properties for sale in Dallas, TX when you search all properties, so explore lots of land near the country’s largest inland metropolitan area now.


Top 5 Qualities of Horse Properties for Sale in Dallas

  1. Carrying Capacity
  2. One of the main tips for buying the right horse ranch is determining whether or not a property has a suitable carrying capacity. Because each plot of land has different abilities when supporting animals, find out how many horses you could accommodate on the lots you search. You’ll need the right amount of resources to manage your present or future horses, and you can avoid putting too much strain on the environment by planning ahead. Knowing how many animals each lot of land can hold will help you as you navigate the property buying process.

  3. Property Details and Resources
  4. An additional part in figuring out what to look for in a horse property is checking to make sure it has the right resources for equestrian activities. If you plan to take care of horses on your land and work with them in your lot, think about essential features like water systems, stables, riding areas and more. A strong fence system, convenient tack room and spacious barn can make or break a horse property, so make sure you’re on the lookout for these facilities. North Texas is plentiful with farm favorites like fresh water and sandy loam soil, so make sure the properties you tour have access to these excellent conditions for owning horses.

  5. Maintenance Requirements
  6. The next factor to think about when browsing horse properties in North-Eastern Texas is whether or not the maintenance requirements are manageable. If you work out how much time you could allot for horse and yard care beforehand, you’ll better understand the demands of owning this type of property. You should take both your animals and your land into account when working out a schedule, while thinking about options like hiring an extra pair of hands. Because the size and type of horse property determines how much time you’ll spend taking care of it, look for horse properties for sale in Dallas, TX with everyday maintenance tasks that align with your goals as a landowner.

  7. Local Amenities
  8. Another facet of maintaining a horse property in the lone star state is buying a place in close proximity to local businesses. Because living near tack suppliers, feed stores, veterinarians and farriers makes country life more convenient, choose a location with easy access to these amenities. The community life in this part of Texas already centers around horses, so decide if you want to live close to breeding farms, training facilities and more. Whether you’re looking to invest in a horse property with these amenities built in or find one with them nearby, aim to have these resources at your disposal either way.

  9. Production Potential
  10. Our fifth and final suggestion for purchasing a horse property is making sure it has a satisfactory production potential. Let your farm’s purpose inform your search if you’re planning to use your land for more than raising horses. You can find out about land conditions ahead of time by hiring a professional, for example, if you’re interested in cultivating crops or farming livestock. If you locate this information at the local USDA office, you’ll discover your needs as a property owner as well as the area’s typography.

    Whether you own horses or you’re planning to invest in them, the northern-eastern part of Texas is one of the best places to embrace this way of life. It’s no secret that the lone star state is one of the country’s equestrian hotspots, so you’ll be on your way to enjoying a country lifestyle upon opting for one of the farm, ranch and horse properties for sale in Dallas, TX. Because equestrian real estate starts in Denton County and stretches to the Oklahoma state line, start exploring the state’s open spaces near DFW now.

    If you’re looking for more information on purchasing a horse property, click here! We would be happy to help you find horse properties for sale in Dallas, Texas or ranches for sale in the area. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today.