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Sherman, Texas is the county seat of Grayson County and was established in 1846 when the dust finally settled on Texas joining the Union. Named for a Texas Revolutionary hero, Sidney Sherman, the town shares a similar past; surviving the Texas Revolution, the Civil War, and the lawlessness that followed.

Reconstruction brought railways, and a bevy of higher education institutes to Sherman. From 1870 to 1885 four schools opened in Sherman. Banks followed soon after, and in 1885 Dun and Bradstreet named Sherman the financial capital of Texas.

Although the Great Depression did take its toll, industry in Sherman remained resilient. Companies like IBM, Johnson & Johnson, and Texas Instruments set up shop in our charming city.

Over the years, the city of Sherman has added to its charm in a variety of ways. Lucy Kidd-Key contributed to the town’s future with her music education pursuits. The Kidd-Key Auditorium is still a testament to her musical endowment from the 1930’s.

Rich History

One fascinating attraction is Olive Ann Oatman’s gravesite in West Hill Cemetary. Olive Oatman and her sister were captured by Native American’s in 1851 after the tribe killed their parents and all but one of their siblings. At the age of 13, she and her family were migrating west from Illinois when the tragic event happened. Olive and her sister were slaves of the tribe until they were sold to a Mojave tribe in Arizona. It was there Olive and her sister Mary Ann were tattooed in the same fashion as the other tribe members, a series of lines on their chins.

Six years after their original capture, Mary Ann, along with dozens of Mojave, died from starvation due to a severe drought in the Arizona area. News of a white woman living with the tribes people surfaced around this same time. Somehow Olive’s brother Lorenzo heard about this and took a chance that it was his sister. Lorenzo had been left for dead in the original attack, but thankfully he survived. He helped negotiate Olive’s release and her story spread like wildfire.

She became a smash hit with all who heard her incredible tale, including Royal B. Stratton, who wrote a book recalling her Life Among the Indians. Through the promotion of this book, Olive moved to New York City where she met and married her husband, John Fairchild. Mr. Fairchild was the founder of the City Bank of Sherman, incorporated in 1873, the same year as the city of Sherman. Olive lived in Sherman, Texas until she passed away in 1903 and was buried in the nearby West Hill Cemetery.

One stop on the cultural tour that doesn’t involve graveyards is the C.S. Roberts House on Crockett Street. Built in 1896 by Charles Nathan Roberts, his wife Emma, and the help of architects Moad and Elliott, it is the only example of the Queen Anne-Eastlake style architecture in the area. After Mrs. Roberts passed away in 1937, their son Charles Stanley Roberts took over the care and upkeep of the beautiful building. It remained in his family until 1987 when the Sherman Preservation League took the reins.

Living in Sherman

A resurgence of downtown Sherman has shed new light on old, historic buildings. The Downtown Sherman Preservation and Revitalization group has been working hard to promote various properties in the downtown area. From offices to retail, the move toward the city center has been steadily increasing.

A favorite for entertainment is the Honey McGee Playhouse. Home to Club Theatrix and Project Theater, the artisans, produce three theater productions a year. Much to the delight of fans of all ages, the Playhouse puts on acts of different varieties to ensure returning guests.

Living in Sherman, Texas allows residents a “best of both worlds” scenario. It’s a small (for Texas standards) town, but it offers a lot of history and community without the traffic of its larger counterparts.

Home prices are moderate, and we have an excellent school system in the Sherman Independent School District.

Ranked in the top 2% for academic excellence in the state of Texas, Sherman schools excel in the classroom and beyond. Special education programs, Gifted and Talented tracks, athletics, after-school enrichment programs are all part of daily life for Sherman Students.

Real Estate in Sherman

Sherman is a terrific place to call home. We plan for the future as much as we remember and treasure the past. When it comes time for you to find your dream home in Sherman, whether that be a new-construction contemporary, or a classic single-family, please call us.

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