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Steve and Verna J.

Dutch and Cheryl are true professionals. This was eveident to us from the very first time we met them when we were choosing which real estate agent to list our home.We were very pleased with the overall approach thay had to marketing our house and the experience they had to offer from their many years in the real estate business.From the high quality pictures they took to be part of the multi-page spiral bound flier that anyone viewing our house could take to the virtual tour of our house which was all placed on their website.They used several different real estate magazines to showcase our home. Each time our home was placed in any advertisement, they would follow up by mailing us a copy of that particular magazine.They kept us updated on the showings and feedback from all potential buyers that viewed our house. This was done primarily by way of an email survey sent from the showing agents, yet anytime we could just call and find out what else they might have discovered from talking directly with the showing agent.

They knew the right timing on when to adjust the price according to the most recent market analysis trends which had changed in the previous months since the time of our listing.

Most importantly, when it came down to the time of negotiating the contract on our house, their skill in this area shined brightly. They knew how to counter offer each time until we received the best deal possible.

Our overall experience with Dutch and Cheryl was one that did truly exceed our expectations. No disappointments or regrets.

We would recommend them to anyone without hesitation, knowing that they would put forth the same professional effort for any client they represent.